Who We Are?


Welcome to Updates360 – a Digital Service Agency that helps Individuals add value to themselves, become the better version of themselves, learn a skill and most importantly stay Updated through our Blog!!!

My name is Samuel Honour, the Founder and CEO of Updates360. Blogging, though now becoming a full time thing was something i did out of the passion of helping people release stress after a long days’ work and having an audience to talk to when i think i needed a number of people to air a view or an idea to.

I’m also a Business Man and Business Coach… but more of that shortly.

From Leisure-time Activity to Profession

Back in 2012, i kept thinking of a way to grow an audience, just to make people happy and motivated on a daily basis. Facebook was my first resort so i went ahead to create a “Riddles and Jokes” group and also an “Inspirational” group. Well the Riddle and Jokes group grew but not the inspirational group. Unfortunately i was cut off from everything for quite a while because i needed to concentrate on school. I went back 2015 to pick up from where i left only to discover that things had changed pretty much on Facebook. I decided to leave the group again till when i thought i was ready. To cut long story short,,, In 2019, I stumbled upon a technique to grow audience on whatsapp and have them view your status,,,, WOW!!  I thought to myself. Why not give this a shot? You’ve got nothing to lose.  

In summary, within 24 hours of personal research, i had Started Blogging on whatsapp through my status (was popularly known as Whatsapp Tv) – a platform where i was finally able to do what i have always wanted to do over the years. Now though i didn’t have a logo or even plan to have one, nor did i see the bigger picture, i just started. I posted daily News to keep my audience posted and up-to-date on happenings in the country and around them. Majorly, i always posted Funny, business, Health and general lifestyle related issues to make my audience feel relaxed at the end of the day and motivated to begin another day. Ever since, i have found myself doing it and not being able to stop because now there was a number of people who depended on me to make their life easier at the end of each day and i couldn’t afford to let them down. For the sake of this audience i had to show up on a daily, even on my worst days. 

As my audience grew and the Brand Updates360 grew in popularity and have begun to generate income, Blogging has grown from a leisure-time activity (most people would call it my obsession), to a part time job through to a fully fledged business in recent times. I have diligently built my blogging into an income source that has enabled me to dedicate more and more time to the medium to the point where I am currently unveiling other aspects of the whole Updates360 idea – It all began as something i did in my leisure time (A HOBBY).

Larbie Richmond

Larbie Richmond  is a Graphic designer and an artist (Painting). He is responsible for every graphic art for Updates360. He is a communication designer and the Graphics Design Manager at Updates360, CEO at Artistic Impressions

Osei-Asante Georgina

Osei-Asante Georgina is a student at University of Professional Studies. Responsible for all the finances involved in the running of Update360. The Chief Financial Officer at Update 360

Chief Financial Officer

Perdilove Gakpo

Meet Perdilove Gakpo, the Public Relations Officer at Updates360. She’s responsible for all aspects of planned publicity campaigns and PR activities

Samuel Praise

Samuel Praise is a Managing Partner and the Chief Operating Officer at Updates360. Currently Samuel Praise is the CEO of Prahon Limited, an Import and Export Company

Extraordinary Experiences

We work hand in hand as a team to give you the best content and to bring Updated and timely News to you so you feel as though you are in the environment of the happening Event

Each team Member makes it a point to give their best for all part of Training they handle and also handling tasks assigned to them

Our Core Values

At Updates360, we prioritize our customers. Our Core Values are 

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